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Benefits of music for the health  

​If the music is able to change our mood, it can certainly bring benefits to the health of people and improve it. The "Music Therapy" is spreading and implemented gradually as alternative support to some traditional treatments to improve the mood of people with certain diseases, especially being applied this therapy in people with chronic diseases.

In LivingSounds you can listen to all my music without any type of limitation, it is music that I composed with the intention to motivate to help overcome adverse situations that people suffer, I also call  the cure love song, but it's also music that you can listen per comfort the mind, and have a good time, also is for workout motivation music. You can download and acquire any of the more than 100 published songs or albums, you just have to click on each song or at the"buy" of each player of the albums located in ....................... 

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The main purpose of my music is helping people in the motivation and overcoming adverse situations, but also can simply listen and can be comforting.  Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy listening to my music.  Joxe Bilbao